Creative expression is an enormous part of Michaelangelo Wolfe's life. Growing up under parents who were one of the first African-American IBM electrical engineers and a Chicago educator's educator, both being artists and musicians, presented intellectual thought and creativity as the pace setters at home. He found music, visual arts and the internal awareness of Divine order at an early age in his home town Chicago, which has lead him down a road of expressing the spiritual, mental and emotional states of being.  He sees creativity as an excursion into the world of feeling that can heal the soul, touch the body and captivate the imagination.


Visual and musical expression has always been a part of his life.


Analyzing the many realms of human existence is at the core of all Michaelangelo's fine art. Using abstract expressionism as a basis, symbolism and subject matter are added to create an almost other-worldly understanding. Man in his complete NOW. Spiritual, emotional, metal and physical. 

Musically Mchaelangelo Wolfe has been focused on the fusion of analogue instruments and electronic equipment.  He has been connected with the evolution of LIVE electronic dance music in Atlanta and in Los Angeles over the last 25 years through being the front man and musical band mate of AERIAL2012 and other projects. He has performed with the likes of Kēvens, Cee-Lo Green, Fat Boy Slim, The Egg, Michael Franti, Rob Garza (Thievery Corporation), Jamiroquai  and Crystal Waters. Currently he collaborates with many of the industries standards as well as produces songs and compositions in the genres of IDM (Intelligent Dance Music), Fusion, House, Trip Hop and Electronica. 

Michaelangelo Wolfe was an early adopter of the digital era due to his father's background in computers,. He has found himself utilizing digital platforms and multimedia as some of his tools in an arsenal of ways to express creatively.