Unity Sound System is the first solo album of Michaelangelo Wolfe, but not his first. It is a 22 song culmination of fusing influences like Jazz, Funk, Jungle, Drum & Bass, Reggae and Breaks. Featuring Inner Circle's Calton Coffie, trumpet legend and founder of AtlanticStarr, Duke Jones, Chris Rob and Queen Sheba, Unity Sound System is a timely album full of expressions of social justice, spiritual / emotional inspiration and speaks truth to power. 

Unity Sound System - The Hi Fidelity Remixes EP is a compilation of remixes done by some of the industries originators and newest pace setters. As a collective Hi Fideliy Soundworks brings producers, artists and DJs who may live in different markets but share community together on many dance floors and in many creative spaces together. These remixes express the music of New York City, through DJ Odyssey &, Chicago through Quincy Nicholson, ESP of Atlanta.

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